Self Assessment Tax Returns

Looking to pay less tax, or just need some help filing your Tax return? Like hundreds of pet professionals before you, we can help.

Self Assessment Tax Returns

What Is A Tax Return?

Each year the tax year ends on 05th April and millions of self-employed sole traders, partnerships and directors have to declare their earnings and pay tax. 

The self-assessment tax return is an in-depth assessment of an individual’s tax affairs which assesses the tax due on all income streams from employment, self-employment, property rental, savings, dividends and capital gains just to name a few sections from the tax return itself. 


The self assessment deadline is 31st January 2025


Accountant For Dog Groomers Self Assessment Tax Returns

Claiming for Grooming Equipment like tables, blasters and clippers can be complex. For instance, where does it go in the self-assessment? That’s where we come in. Annual Investment Allowance sorted, depreciation sorted, tax saving sorted. 


With your home typically being used for your business are you claiming all you can for the Use Of Home expense? Do you know what we can include to maximise your tax savings? Get in touch, this is where we can help you.


Dog Walker Self Assessment Tax Returns. Accountants For Dog Walkers

Looking for that next transport vehicle? Do you know the tax differences between a car and a van? Buying a vehicle can be a large expense, with our help and guidance we can help you save on the tax and spread any unused savings into future tax years.  

Why are you different to any other accountant?

Accountants specialise in different areas of tax and client type. We choose to specialise in pet-based businesses from dog walkers, groomers, and boarders to pet stores and even fertility clinics. 

Our specialisation means that we already have the knowledge surrounding specific expenses which are allowable and, just as importantly, what isn’t allowable. So when you choose us, we will be able to answer your questions quicker regarding certain expenses. We are also familiar with seeing certain suppliers from the hundreds of other clients we support and what certain items are used for minimising the questions we have to ask you.  

An accountant who doesn’t specialise in pet-based businesses may not take the time to understand your business and expenses which could end up costing you more money when you have a higher tax bill.

It’s not all about tax savings. Sometimes it’s not possible for us to reduce that tax bill, but what is more important is the accuracy of the items we have claimed and the way in which we complete your tax return. HMRC penalise people for incorrect tax returns especially if expenses are included when they are not allowed could constitute tax evasion.  

Self Assessment Tax Return Tips

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