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What can dog groomers claim as expenses?


  • Goods Bought For Resale: Purchases bought for resale such as treats, shampoo and nose balms. These are items which relate to items you sell in your business. 

Office & Administration

  • Mobile Phone: A percentage of your phone bill, based on its use for your dog grooming business.
  • Professional Subscriptions: Fees for subscriptions to relevant grooming magazines and books.
  • Use Of Home: Claim for some of the bills you pay for if you use your home for some business purpose, whether that be a grooming room or a home office. Check out our use of home calculator to work out how much to claim!
  • Printing Postage & Stationery: Cost of printing contracts, postage and other office supplies.
  • Bank Charges: Monthly fees for bank accounts and business credit card interest.
  • Card Machine Charges: Fees associated with card payment processing. 
  • Accountancy Fees: That’s right, our services are an allowable expense.

Grooming Clothing And Protection

  • Uniform: Branded clothing with your logo on. 
  • Protective Clothing: Waterproof clothing and other protective items needed for grooming dogs and cats. 

Training And Development

  • Training Courses: Expenses for refresher training courses also known as CPD. (Courses to learn a new skill are not generally allowable)
  • Publications: Costs for professional journals, books or magazines relevant to dog grooming.

Marketing And Advertising

  • Advertising Costs: Costs such as Facebook ads, google Adwords, leaflet printing & distribution as well as website hosting and design costs.
  • Branding & Uniform: Expenses for branded clothing and brand design costs.

Travel And Transportation

  • Motor Expenses: Actual petrol costs or flat rate mileage claim.
  • Travel & Subsidence: Hotel, travel and meals for business-related travel. 

Workspace And Equipment

  • Rent And Rates: Costs associated with commercial premises for your dog grooming business.
  • Equipment: Purchases of grooming baths, grooming tables, blasters, scissors and other equipment needed in your grooming business. 
  • Consumables: Shampoos, bows, gloves, poo bags and other items purchased and used to groom a dog. 
  • Blade Sharpening: Repairs and replacement of blades. 

Insurance And Legal Fees

  • Insurance: Expenses for professional indemnity, employers and public liability insurance. Income Protection insurance is not typically an allowable expense. 
  • Legal And Professional Fees: Costs for legal advice as well as professional consultations such as HR advice. 

Accountancy Services

We know pet businesses inside and out. All our accountancy services have been developed to support you specifically!

Training Courses

New to the world of business? Need a refresher on bookkeeping software? We have you covered. 

Utilities Calculator

Work out exactly how much you can claim when working from home with our utility calculator.

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